North River Lobster Company (Hell’s Kitchen)

Yes, we have to ditch our white pants… and yes, we have to store our summer shoes… but, no, we do not have to stop enjoying the beautiful weather, just because it’s past Labor Day! Therefore, we’ve got your fall denying days covered with this waterfront spot… that actually leaves the dock: North River Lobster Company.

North River Lobster Company

  • Why it’s worth it: Not only does this place serve amazing seafood/drinks, but this floating lobster shack also sets sail on the Hudson for a half hour every two hours (fo’ free!), so be sure to check the sail schedule before you plan your visit so you don’t get left ashore.
  • Vibe/layout: Board the boat and you’ll find numerous seating situations, both indoor and outdoor. There are three decks, but head immediately to the top one for the outdoor action. There’s no wait service, so be sure to stake your claim for some open-air seating, and then find a counter to order from. You will receive a buoy with your order number on it and your food will be delivered in a matter of minutes!
  • Ideal meal: Pitcher of sangria ($34), lobster roll ($18), fries ($5)
  • The inspiration: New York Cruise Lines, Inc. CEO, Sam Cooperman, says he was inspired by two things: history and a lasting memory of Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco. The self-proclaimed “history buff” says he became fascinated by the lobster palace craze of the early 1900s, in which grand and ornate restaurants dotted 42nd St and served lobster as the main fare, as it was the most important food of the social time.
  • Straunt tip: Grab lunch or a drink at North River and then grab dessert (a funfettti cookie) at Schmackary’s.
  • Address: Hell’s Kitchen, Pier 81, 41st St and 12th Ave
  • Prices: $5-$29

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