Momofuku Milk Bar: Love at first bite

Because Steve Aoki loves cake, and in honor of his announcement of a free concert on September 30th in NYC, we wanted to share the spot that served us the best piece of cake in all of NYC… Momofuku Milk Bar.

momofuku milk bar

  • Why it’s worth it: Take one bite of the crack or candy bar pie and it’s love at first bite.
  • Vibe/Layout: Grab your cake and go!
  • Ideal meal: Crack pie & candy bar pie (all slices are $5.50 each)
    • Don’t worry, the crack pie contains no crack, just butter, heavy cream, brown sugar and a little corn flour.
    • The candy bar pie has toffee, house made nougat and a chocolate cookie crust. Plus, it’s topped with mini pretzels!
  • Address:
  • Prices:$5.50 a slice, $44 a pie

Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon


Supper (East Village): Mangia Monday


  • Why it’s worth it: Supper is a Northern Italian-style osteria that serves the best chicken parm we’ve ever had, let alone dreamed about.
  • Vibe: This lively, yet intimate, space is dressed with brick walls, wooden communal tables, antique chandeliers and floral-pattern plates that elicit Sunday night supper at Grandma’s house. The real attraction though, is not the decor, but the food on the plates.
  • Layout: Supper is divided into three sections: a sidewalk area for outdoor eating (covered and heated in the winter), a rear dining room with a wine cellar and a front dining room which boasts a bustling open kitchen.
  • Ideal meal: Chicken cutlet alla parmigiana ($19.95); however, this ‘straunt has fantastic daily suppers and daily rissotos (the Wednesday evening pancetta, parm & mushrooms rissoto is divine).
  • F.Y.I.: Frank Prisinazo (Frank, Lil’ Frankies, Sauce) pretty much has a monopoly over the LES/East Village Italian game.
  • Straunt note: This ‘straunt is cash only.
  • Address: East Village, 156 East 2nd St (between Ave A & B)
  • Prices: $4.95-$23.95

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Caracas Arepa Bar (Williamsburg & East Village)

If you’re like me, when you hear “Caracas Arepa Bar” you probably wonder “what is an arepa and do I want to go to a place that has little else on the menu?” Well… an arepa needs to be experienced, not explained, but I’ll do my best and say it’s a Venezuelan corn muffin, crisp on the outside and steamy-soft in the middle, stuffed with any of the following: pulled pork, beef, avocado, black beans, plantains, etc… And if that doesn’t get you excited, consider this: the most expensive arepa is $8.

Caracas Arepa Bar Williamsburg, East Village Venezuelan

  • Why it’s worth it: Let’s just say.. when you Google arepa, Caracas is the second listing (first is Wikipedia)
  • Vibe/Layout: The decor of this small and cozy ‘straunt is warm and hip, with old mismatched wall and ceiling panels, semi-old or worn down looking furniture and cool fixtures which add a Venezuelan flair. Light Latin and Spanish music play in the background of this ‘straunt, which has a small bar, high top seating and amazing outdoor picnic-table seating.
  • Ideal meal: Yoyos ($6) & Tequenos ($8.75) to start & then La del Gato ($7.25)
  • Straunt tip: Grab din & sangria at Caracas and then check out the speakeasy, Larry Lawrence next door!
  • Address: Williamsburg, 291 Grand St (Roebling & Havemeyer Sts); East Village, 91 E 7th St (7th St and 1st Ave)
  • Prices: $4.75-$16

Caracas Arepa Bar on Urbanspoon

Caracas Arepa Bar on Urbanspoon

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ (East Village)

All other NYC BBQ ‘straunts are in the minor leagues compared to Mighty Quinn’s BBQ. This is the big leagues.


  • Why it’s worth it: Mighty Quinn’s spare ribs and brisket are instant conversation stoppers. They slow-cook their barbecue with hardwood only (no gas allowed) and serve meat that is raised on pastures or outdoors.
  • Vibe/Layout: The entrance to this ‘straunt is a glass garage door that opens on nice evenings. The reclaimed wood tables and stacks of oak, cherry and apple lend warmth to the inside of the ‘straunt, which is filled with a communal table, bar seating with windows for people watching on 6th Street and private seating.
  • Ideal meal: Brisket or spare ribs with a side of sweet potato casserole or pommes frites
  • F.Y.I.: There is no waiter service here; you order what you would like from the register and sit anywhere you please.
  • People behind Mighty Quinn’s: Mighty Quinn’s got its start as a stall at Smorgasburg, where pit master  Hugh Mangum, a drummer and cook who worked under Jean-Georges Vongerichten, drove each weekend hauling brisket he had smoked in Hunterdon County, N.J. The meat was deliberately, slowly sliced, and the lines were notoriously long.
  • Address: East Village, 103 2nd Ave (6th St and 2nd Ave)
  • Prices: Most meats, $7 to $8.50 a serving or $12 to $22 a pound; sides, $3 for small, $5.75 for medium, $11.25 for large

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque on Urbanspoon

The Smith (East Village, Lincoln Center, Midtown)

If you have a large, loud and fun group of people who are looking for a delicious American ‘straunt, look no further than The Smith!

The Smith

  • Why it’s worth it: The Smith is perfect for large groups or birthday parties; this ‘straunt serves classic American food in a relaxed, yet trendy setting.
  • Vibe: The decor is awesome, black-and-white with vintage twists. White subway tiles and black-and-white photos of Victorian nudes line the walls.
  • Layout: There’s a spacious and lively bar to hang at while you wait for your table or to grab a drink. Beyond the bar is a big and full open dining room with an assortment of tables (circular, rectangular, booths).
  • Ideal meal: Mac + cheese ($14), ricotta gnocchi ($18) or salmon ($23)
  • F.Y.I.: In 2007, the first outpost of The Smith in the  East Village opened and after immediate success, two more locations of The Smith were opened, in Midtown (2011) and Lincoln Center (2012). A fourth location of The Smith is planned to open in 2014 in NoMad.
  • People behind: Glenn Harris and Jeffrey Lefcourt, owners of The Smith, also own the Jane.
  • Address: East Village, 55 Third Ave. (between 10th and 11th St)
  • Other locations: Lincoln Center, 1900 Broadway (63rd St) and Midtown, 956 Second Ave. (51st St)
  • Price: $6-$33

The Smith on Urbanspoon