Apothéke (Chinatown): Speakeasy

Apothéke is the healer of all your ailments. Think mad scientist meets mixologists meets opium dispensary, full of fancy laboratory gear to emphasize the medicinal qualities of nine types of cocktails: Health & Beauty, Stress Relievers (incorporating lavender, sage, etc), Pain Killers (tequila and spices), Stimulants, Aphrodisiacs (champagnes and cognacs), Pharmaceuticals, Euphoric Enhancers, Therapeutic Treatments and House Remedies.

Apotheke  Chinatown  Speakeasy

  • Getting in: The spot is marked by a “Gold Flower Restaurant” sign and a dapper doorman.
  • Vibe/Layout: This small and dimly lit speakeasy looks like a chemistry project and has a decadent and stylish feel, with comfy velvet sofas and chairs lining the bare brick walls. The mixologists, dressed in white lab coats, stand behind the large marble bar mixing labeled and unlabeled glass jars, filled with elixirs and herbs, constructing the perfect “prescription” for any ailment.
  • Tunes: Cool and relaxed music; there is a weekly line-up of live jazz performances on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. “Prohibition Wednesdays” feature a house jazz band and require a password for entrance (follow @apothekenyc on Twitter for the month’s equivalent to “open sesame”)
  • Drinks: Dr. Ruth ($15-$18, California strawberries, vodka, rosemary, agave nectar, lime, champagne) or Fields of Heather ($15-$18, Heather Tips, Vodka, White Peach, Raspberries, Lavender, Limoncello, Lime)
  • F.Y.I.: All of the ingredients are made in-house daily using local and organic produce and herbs from their rooftop garden.
  • Straunt tip: Grab dinner at Nom Wah Tea Parlor and then head over to Apotheke to grab a relaxed drink. Save at Nom Wah and splurge here!
  • Address: Chinatown, 9 Doyers Street
  • Prices: $14-$20

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Prosperity Dumpling (Chinatown)

Prosperity Dumpling is an amazing little hole-in-the-wall joint selling some delectable dumplings of love! They are ridiculously inexpensive and delicious, it’s a great place whether you’re on a budget or not. Even if you’re looking to just get a quick bite of food, all you need is a $1.

Prosperity Dumpling

  • Why it’s worth it: If you want DELICIOUS dumplings for $3 total (aka middle school lunch money), this is your new go-to place.
  • Layout: As you enter, there are two counters on both the left and right with 5 total stools. You’re also greeted by an ordering counter and a large menu hanging overhead with the prices. Once you’re ready, place your order, and try to grab a seat in this tiny ‘straunt (which will definitely make you feel like you’re a sardine in a can) or head to a nearby park.
  • Ideal meal: Pork fried bun (4 for $1) and chives and pork fried dumplings (4 for $1). The dumpling skin was thick and crispy, while the filling was juicy and moist, with rich pork juices exploding with flavor.
  • F.Y.I.: Prosperity dumpling is about a 5 minute walk from the Hester Street Fair, which is also a great spot to check out on the weekend.
  • Address: Chinatown, 46 Eldridge Street (between Hester St and Canal St)
  • Prices: $0.75 – $3

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Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Chinatown)

Looking for real-deal Chinese food? We’ve got you covered: Nom Wah Tea Parlor is your answer. This is not the place for a romantic and intimate evening, but a place to enjoy good, quality Chinese food.


  • Why it’s worth it: Nom Wah Tea Parlor is known as the first dim sum parlor in NYC, and has been around since 1920… and there are 56 classic dim sum options on the menu… all for under $10.
  • Vibe: This is not your typical dim sum ‘straunt. Outside, you will have to hunt for this ‘straunt, but inside you will be faced with yellow walls covered with framed photographs of movie stars and red booths, each with a coat stand and a red-and-white-checked tablecloth. All of these aspects and a vintage diner counter add to Nom Wah’s charming ambiance.
  • Layout: One large dining room: a tiny bar and a collection of circular and square tables as well as booths.
  • Ideal meal: Any of the following items: pork sui mai ($4), scallion pancakes ($4), the original egg roll ($5.95), roast pork bun ($1.95), vegetarian dumpling ($3.50, rice roll ($2.50), egg fried rice ($8.50), pan fried noodle with superior soy sauce ($8.95)
  • F.Y.I.: Nom Wah has no carts. The same small plates of delicious dim sum delights are being served; however, they are all made to order and waiters deliver them to you personally.  Also, much of the menu is gluten-free and there are some vegetarian options.
  • People behind Nom Wah Tea Parlor: Wilson Tang left a job in finance to take over Nom Wah from his uncle, Wally Tang, who started working there in 1950, at age 16, and bought it in 1974.
  • Address: Chinatown, 13 Doyers St. (between Pell St and Bowery)
  • Prices: $2.50- $9.95
  • Feel like you saved a bunch of money by switching your dinner ‘straunt to Nom Wah?… then head to the awesome speakeasy next door, Apotheke.

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