Cafeteria (Chelsea)


  • Why it’s worth it: Cafeteria, a 24 hour ‘straunt, amps up the definition of comfort food and capitalizes on a prime people watching location, making it a great option for an after work drink or tasty meal with friends.
  • Vibe/layout: This ‘straunt is decked out in post-modern white, chrome and plastic, with wooden tables and a front wall made up of glass doors that lift up like a garage… leaving nothing in common with your typical school cafeteria. The ambiance is casual, yet upbeat and trendy.
  • Ideal meal: Mac attack tasting of all three mac and cheeses: cheddar & fontina, smoked gouda & bacon, with truffle oil ($14)… the crispy gooeyness will get you.
  • ‘Straunt tip: Check out the Phlegm mural on 17th between 9th & 10th and then indulge in amazing comfort food at Cafeteria.
  • Address: Chelsea, 119 7th Avenue (between 17th & 18th)
  • Prices: $10-$25

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The Meatball Shop: Mangia Monday

When you’re looking for an apartment in NYC, make sure you not only check the distance to the nearest subway, but also to the nearest Meatball Shop. We’re serious.

The Meatball Shop

  • Why it’s worth it: You know those times you just really crave balls. Get your mind out of the gutter – I’m not talking about R-rated balls, just some tender, sauce lathered meatballs, over some delicious pasta and topped with shaved parmesan. The Meatball Shop is our go-to spot with visitors and friends… because there are options for everyone.
  • Vibe/layout: This ‘straunt, no matter the location, is trendy and dimly lit, bumping hip hop through the speakers, serving homemade ice cream sandwiches and creating masterpiece meatballs.
  • Ideal meal/”The Usual”: 4 chicken balls with classic tomato sauce ($8) over rigatoni ($5) with family jewels (fried egg; $1) and a chicken pesto meatball slider ($3)
  • F.Y.I.: This ‘straunt neither takes reservations nor delivers… it’s that good.
  • Addresses:
  •  Prices: $5-$11 per item

Chop-Shop (Chelsea)


  • Why it’s worth it: Chop-Shop, a Chinese/Southeast Asian restaurant, is a hidden gem in Chelsea, that is perfect for an early evening, post-gallery or pre-sunset on the High Line.
  • Vibe/layout: The decor of the cozy indoor portion of this ‘straunt is minimalist white, with the vibe low-key and inviting. The back of this ‘straunt opens up into an intimate garden patio with fairy string lights wrapped around tree branches (perfect for a date or gathering with close friends).
  • Ideal meal: Pan fried pork dumplings ($8) & spicy drunken noodle ($14)
  • F.Y.I.: This ‘straunt is unique such that there are no “starters” or “entrees;” there is just a list of dishes and their prices, all of which are amazing.
  • ‘Straunt tip: Check out the Kobra mural on 25th & 10th and then head to Chop-Shop for a delicious dinner!
  • Address: Chelsea, 254 10th Ave (corner of 25th St)
  • Prices: $7-$16

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Tipsy Parson (Chelsea): Belly Filling Goodness

Tipsy Paron Chelsea Southern Food

  • Why it’s worth it: Tipsy Parson is an adorable and charming Southern gem buried in the big city, perfect for friends, family or a date!
  • Vibe/Layout: This long, narrow ‘straunt has a beautiful marble-and-dark-wood bar taking up much of the space in the front, with a candle-lit dining room with smaller wooden tables and booths in the back. The small details of this establishment, including the bookshelf wallpaper and cushion window seats near the bar and the dark wooden tables set with mismatched flowered china, old-fashioned silver and farmhouse dish towels as napkins in the back, are what give Tipsy Parson its vintage charm.
  • Ideal meal: Corn dogs ($9), mac n cheese ($8), St. Louis pork ribs ($14, comes with 2 sides)
  • Straunt tip: Grab a drink before or after at the nearby speakeasy, Bathtub Gin, or the hidden bar below Chelsea Market, The Tippler!
  • F.Y.I.: Partners and owners, Julie Wallach and Tasha Gibson designed the space, worked on the build-out themselves and provided many of the featured knickknacks. This is their second ‘straunt, after Little Giant.
  • Address: Chelsea, 156 9th Ave (between 19th & 20th Sts)
  • Prices: $6-$34

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Westville (Chelsea)

Westville is an ideal spot for convening with friends, family or a date, whether for a leisurely breakfast, quick lunch or fuss-free dinner, with wholesome, good food made from fresh ingredients and a lot of local flavor.  This ‘straunt offers a bright environment, with fresh and simple American fare and laidback table service.


  • Why it’s worth it: The food is described as what the owners love to eat, “prepared simply and tastefully.” This translates to hearty and recognizable American fare, cooked better than you could probably cook it yourself. The ingredients are market-fresh, seasonal and straightforward.
  • Vibe/Layout: The boxy dining room is sparse with bright white walls, a chalkboard scrawled with daily specials and a simple bar. Seats for no more than 50 line the walls and are pushed up against the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The look is clean and simple, without over-the-top flourishes (or really any at all) and distracting frills.
  • Ideal meal: Grilled salmon with a choice of 2 market sides ($18)
  • F.Y.I.: To get a seat at this ‘straunt, you write your name down on the clipboard near the door and wait to be called. If there isn’t a wait, then the clipboard is flipped over telling you to go right on in!
  • Address: Chelsea, 246 West 18th St. (between 7th Ave and 8th Ave)
  • Prices: $6-$24

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The Bathtub Gin: Chelsea Speakeasy

Take a closer look at the back wall of Chelsea’s Stone Street Coffee Company and you’ll find it opens to reveal a low-lit speakeasy, the Bathtub Gin. A copper bathtub takes center stage in this ‘straunt and leaves no question as to the source of the bar’s inspiration.

The Bathtub Gin

  • Getting in: A bouncer blocks the door to the coffee shop, where in theory walk-ins are welcome, but reservations (even last-minute ones) are highly recommended.
  • Vibe/Layout: The unmarked door leads into a smallish bar with damask wallpaper, pressed tin ceilings and silk couches. Grab a seat at the high-top tables in the front near the bar or sink into one of the speakeasy’s plush, damask banquettes.
  • Tunes: Jazz plays early in the evening and gives way to hip-hop and dance music later in the evening.
  • Drinks: Dapper bartenders serve elaborate cocktails, including gin- and champagne-based cocktails.
  • Address: 132 9th Ave (between 18th St & 19th St)
  • Prices: $12-$18

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Co (Chelsea): Mangia Monday

This is a “knead-to-know” spot in Chelsea. If you want to carb-out, Co. (pronounced Company, a word with Latin roots which refer to the phrase “with bread”) celebrates the communal dining experience with bread as the centerpiece of the meal.

Co final picture

  • Why it’s worth it: While at other pizza places, the ingredients are the focus, elevating the pie to the next level, here, the focus is the bread. It’s perfectly crisp and flavorful, and while the ingredients themselves aren’t unique, the combinations on some of the specialty pizzas are certainly different and special to Co.
  • Vibe/ Layout: The ‘straunt’s one room, organized around a long communal table, has a simple, clean prettiness thanks to pale white oak paneling and a lack of clutter. The front of the ‘straunt is paneled with big glass windows facing two directions, while the back of the room teases a peek of the kitchen.
  • Ideal meal: Meatballs ($13) and ham & cheese pie ($17) (pecorino, Gruyère, mozzarella, prosciutto, caraway)
    • The ham & cheese pie is covered in a thick layer of rich, salty dairy goodness (pecorino, buffalo mozzarella and Gruyère), layered with silky-thin slices of prosciutto and zipped with a sprinkle of caraway seeds.
  • People behind Co: Co. is under the direction of Jim Lahey, the owner of the Sullivan Street Bakery, where many ‘straunts buy loaves, rolls and focaccia. Jim Lahey trained as a sculptor before discovering his true doughy calling while living in Tuscany.
  • F.Y.I.: A small type line on the menu reads: “Our pies are not always round.” Let’s just say, JimLahey has been character, and there is no question that the dough has character.
    • Co. does not take reservations for parties less than 6. I’ve found if you arrive between 6 and 6:45, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a table.
  • Address: Chelsea, 230 Ninth Avenue (24th St and 9th Ave)
  • Prices: $4-$19

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