Schiller’s Liquor Bar (LES)

Schiller's Liquor Bar LES American

  • Why it’s worth it: Schiller’s Liquor Bar is a casual neighborhood American ‘straunt, perfect for rowdy or friendly group dinners or lunches.
  • Vibe/Layout: This ‘straunt’s dining room has floor to ceiling windows open to the street and a large and curvy bar for dining or drinking. The walls are tiled like subway stations, smudged and cracked perfectly, and mirrors are placed along some of the walls to elicit this ‘straunt’s collaboration between a pub, bistro, trattoria, tapas bar and diner.
  • Ideal meal: Macaroni & Cheese with bacon ($11); my co-eater loved the Eggs Norwegian ($15)
  • F.Y.I.: The owner, Keith McNally, published the Schiller’s Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection, a series of four books of recipes from Schiller’s Liquor Bar. The collection includes books on the following topics: classic cocktails, artisanal updates, seasonal drinks and the bartender’s handbook.
  • Straunt tip: If you’re into boutique men’s clothing shops (skate shop-esque), then check out the hidden Alife Rivington Club (buzz for entry) across the street from this ‘straunt.
  • Address: Lower East Side, 131 Rivington St (Corner of Norfolk & Rivington)
  • Prices: $4-$26

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