Friend of a Farmer (Gramercy)

Friend of a Farmer

  • Why It’s Worth It: If all you think about is retiring in the country, head to Friend of a Farmer, which transfers you from the hustle and bustle of NYC to a pleasant country kitchen.
  • Vibe: The dimly lit interior has exposed rafters, Mason jars filled with lentils, walls decked with floral print fabric and wicker baskets brimming with fruits.
  • Layout:┬áThis ‘straunt has ample seating, but still provides a cozy and intimate layout with three main areas: outdoor seating terrace, indoor bar and sitting room with a fireplace and armchairs, and upstairs dining area with about 15-20 wood tables for parties of all sizes.
  • F.Y.I.: The ‘straunt’s vibe recalls the farmhouse inns of upstate New York, where co-owner Tony Morabito grew up.
  • Ideal meal: Down Home Mac & Cheese (bacon and four cheese) ($13) or the Shepherd’s Pie ($21)
  • Address: Gramercy, 77 Irving Place (between 18th & 19th St)
  • Prices: $7-$28

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