Sauce (LES): Mangia Monday


  •  Why it’s worth it: Frank Prisinzano, the man behind Frank, Lil’ Frankies and Supper, opened this rustic LES spot with its own in-house butcher and grocery. Sauce is described as a nose-to-tail red sauce trattoria with a hip dimly lit vibe.
  • Vibe: This ‘straunt features tile floors, basic wooden chairs, bare tables and chandeliers dotted with cutlery. An open kitchen overlooks the main dining room and bar.
  • Ideal meal: Double garlic bread ($3); Passato di pomodoro (with handmade spaghetti alla chitarra) and grass-fed meatballs ($17)
  • F.Y.I.: All of Sauce’s meat is pasture-raised, anti-biotic free and locally sourced. The menu is driven by Frank’s belief that local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients should be affordable and accessible to all. In addition, the menu operates on a no waste principle, such that rather than simply buying the most popular cuts from a butcher, he takes in the whole animal and uses every part.
  • Address: Lower East Side, 78 Rivington St (Between Orchard and Allen)
  • Prices: $3-$18

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