Co (Chelsea): Mangia Monday

This is a “knead-to-know” spot in Chelsea. If you want to carb-out, Co. (pronounced Company, a word with Latin roots which refer to the phrase “with bread”) celebrates the communal dining experience with bread as the centerpiece of the meal.

Co final picture

  • Why it’s worth it: While at other pizza places, the ingredients are the focus, elevating the pie to the next level, here, the focus is the bread. It’s perfectly crisp and flavorful, and while the ingredients themselves aren’t unique, the combinations on some of the specialty pizzas are certainly different and special to Co.
  • Vibe/ Layout: The ‘straunt’s one room, organized around a long communal table, has a simple, clean prettiness thanks to pale white oak paneling and a lack of clutter. The front of the ‘straunt is paneled with big glass windows facing two directions, while the back of the room teases a peek of the kitchen.
  • Ideal meal: Meatballs ($13) and ham & cheese pie ($17) (pecorino, Gruyère, mozzarella, prosciutto, caraway)
    • The ham & cheese pie is covered in a thick layer of rich, salty dairy goodness (pecorino, buffalo mozzarella and Gruyère), layered with silky-thin slices of prosciutto and zipped with a sprinkle of caraway seeds.
  • People behind Co: Co. is under the direction of Jim Lahey, the owner of the Sullivan Street Bakery, where many ‘straunts buy loaves, rolls and focaccia. Jim Lahey trained as a sculptor before discovering his true doughy calling while living in Tuscany.
  • F.Y.I.: A small type line on the menu reads: “Our pies are not always round.” Let’s just say, JimLahey has been character, and there is no question that the dough has character.
    • Co. does not take reservations for parties less than 6. I’ve found if you arrive between 6 and 6:45, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a table.
  • Address: Chelsea, 230 Ninth Avenue (24th St and 9th Ave)
  • Prices: $4-$19

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