The Queens Kickshaw (Astoria)

queens kickshaw

  • The 411: Insanely addictive grilled cheese sandwiches in a completely green and artsy space that is simultaneously rustic and charming, yet contemporary and spacious, with exposed brick walls, refurbished floors and lofty ceilings. Entering the ‘straunt, you are greeted by an old-fashioned counter service bar, while the back room has a communal table that seats about twenty, as well as smaller tables for 2-4.
  • F.Y.I.: The guava jam on the Gouda sandwich is to die for.
  • Ideal meal: Cheddar & mozzarella grilled cheese (brioche with tomato soup) ($8) and Agua de Astoria (sparkling cider, fresh OJ) ($6)
  • People behind Queens Kickshaw: The married owners of this ‘straunt, former Nobu Fifty Seven captain, Ben Sandler and his wife, AP photo archivist, Jennifer Lim, moved to Astoria in 2008 and quickly surmised that while there was certainly good coffee to be found, great coffee was another matter… so Sandler took matters into his own hands and sprung into action. He took classes, went on coffee tours, read books, talked to baristas.. soon enough he was ready to introduce his peers to his kind of coffee… but something was missing from his business plan.. fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. And thus, Queens Kickshaw was born.
  • Address: Astoria, 40-17 Broadway
  • Prices: $5-$12

The Queens Kickshaw on Urbanspoon


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