Jones Wood Foundry (UES)

Never had a wine cocktail… or looking for the perfect British gastropub? Jones Wood Foundry is your answer.

Jones Wood Foundry

  • Why it’s worth it: Jones Wood Foundry is a bit of London on the Upper East Side, with the best wine cocktails around!
  • Vibe: If you make it past its unassuming exterior, JWF is a meticulously decorated British gastropub that is perfect for grabbing a drink or catching a meal on the patio. JWF has a rustic decor with a touch of rock and roll that is comfortable and inviting, with its dark wood walls and antler-adorned mirrors hanging alongside a Sex Pistols poster.
  • Layout: From street level it looks like just another poorly located pub, but it’s actually much more than that. Past the full, narrow, dimly lit bar, you descend into a garden, followed by a sunroom with a communal dining table and full dining room.
  • Ideal meal: Go for the delicious wine cocktails, First Bloom (Sauvignon Blanc, Elderflower, Lemon Juice, Club Soda, $10) and St. Chamond (Lillet, Moet & Chandon Rose, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, $12), and split the grilled hangar steak ($26)
  • F.Y.I.: JWF does not serve hard liquor, but does serve craft beers and British standards on tap and by the bottle. Of note, the wine cocktails are the works of Meaghan Dorman, the mixologist behind the speakeasy, Raines Law Room
  • The name/location: Before it was the UES, Yorkville or Lennox Hill, the area between 66th and 77th streets, framed by what are now 3rd Ave and the East River, was known as Jones Wood. Jones Wood was the most densely forested land on Manhattan and was named after John Jones, who had purchased more than half of its 150 acres.
  • Address: UES, 401 East 76th Street (between 1st and York)
  • Prices: $7-$27

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