Osteria Morini (Soho): Mangia Monday

Want fresh pasta and want it now? We’ve got you covered at Osteria Morini!


  • Why it’s worth it: Osteria Morini serves cuisine from the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, which is the birthplace of prosciutto, mortadella, parmigiano and balsamic vinegar… so how can this place be anything but the best?
  • Vibe/ F.Y.I.: Urban Italian farmhouse chic. The ‘straunt is named after Michael White’s mentor, Gianluigi Morino, who owns a ‘straunt near Bologna, where White worked for 7 years. The photos on the wall are from ‘straunts around Bologna and the blocky, farm-style tables and chairs were built for the ‘straunt in Emilia-Romagna itself. Even the wooden rafters in the ceiling were imported from an actual Italian farmhouse.
  • Layout: The entrance of the ‘straunt contains a long prep bar (great for a drink or for grabbing lunch) and the back is filled with a mix of round and square tables
  • Ideal meal: Garganelli (pasta quills, cream, peas, truffle butter, prosciutto) ($22), tagliatelle (ragù antica, parmigiano) ($20)
  • People behind Morini: Michael White is the executive chef of no fewer than 7 ‘straunts in NJ and NY, including the more formal Alto, Convivio and Marea, all in Midtown, and Ai Fiori in the Setai hotel on Fifth Avenue
  • Address: Soho, 218 Lafayette St (between Spring and Broome)
  • Prices: $6-$32

Osteria Morini on Urbanspoon


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