Le Grainne Cafe (Chelsea)


  • Why it’s worth it: Le Grainne Cafe is the perfect spot for a relaxed French meal… especially if you want to intricately design your own crepe!
  • Vibe: With its large corner windows, tin ceilings and tin walls, Le Grainne Cafe will transport you to a quaint European cafe. The food is fresh and the atmosphere is warm, simple, friendly and relaxed!
  • Layout: The small dining room is always packed, with the open kitchen serving as the heart of the ‘straunt. The best seats are definitely those by the window, which are ideal for people-watching!
  • Ideal meal: Salade de chevre (warm goat cheese croutons, tomatoes, walnuts and grapes on a mesclun salad) ($12) and nutella crepe ($7)
  • F.Y.I.: This ‘straunt is located in one of the oldest buildings in Chelsea.
  • People behind Le Grainne Cafe: The owner, Grainne O’Flynn, is a native of Ireland and is now living in Weston, CT with her daughter Isis. Grainne’s other daughter Danielle helps manage the cafe.
  • Address: Chelsea, 183 9th Ave (between 21st and 22nd)
  • Prices: $7-$22

Le Grainne Cafe on Urbanspoon


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