Melt Shop: Midtown Lunch

Sad desk lunch, no more. Reclaim midday meal satisfaction at the Melt Shop! WARNING: This will be the best grilled cheese you have ever had. This spot takes the classic grilled cheese and turns up the volume.

melt shop

  • Why it’s worth it/ F.Y.I.: Great spot for a quick weekend lunch on the go or a quick escape from the office! Where else can you grab the best grilled cheese of your life in under 10 minutes for under $10?
  • Vibe/ Layout: Tucked into a corner of a Midtown outdoor space below street-level (the Citigroup Atrium) lies the take-out window for Melt Shop. There is limited outdoor table seating, but that doesn’t stop anyone!
  • Ideal meal: Aged cheddar with maple glazed bacon on sourdough bread (bread expertly grilled, melty cheese and thick bacon inside) ($6.95)
  • People behind Melt Shop: Spencer Rubin, a 26-year-old Cornell grad, is the founder of and managing partner for the Melt Shop. After graduating college and before opening the Melt Shop, he worked for a ‘straunt development company. Then, on his 24th birthday (April 18th), he opened his first Melt Shop location on 53rd and Lex!
  • Address: Midtown East, 601 Lexington Ave (Citigroup Atrium) (near 53rd St)
  • Prices: $5-$10

Melt Shop on Urbanspoon


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