Jane: Greenwich Village/Soho Brunch

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  • Why it’s worth it: Jane has large portions, the price is right and the brunch items come with a complimentary cocktail. Definitely a default brunch spot on the weekends!
  • Vibe: Cozy and modern decor with a relaxed vibe. This spot is always crowded on the weekends, so be sure to make a reservation before going  (I can’t stress this enough!). Great brunch spot for friends and family, but definitely not a first date spot!
  • Layout: The space is tight, but the high ceilings make it so you can hear your friends. There is an upstairs and downstairs with ample seating and the downstairs level contains a waiting area and a private room.
  • Ideal meal: The brunch menu covers all the basics, but they also serve chicken and waffles! I LOVE the classic Eggs Benedict ($18); however, for those who prefer their brunches on the sweeter side: the Vanilla Bean French Toast ($18) that I tried off my aunt’s plate was delicious as well (Thanks Aunt Susan!)! The challah bread was thick and delicious and the texture was amazing. Served with a generous sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar and maple syrup, it’s sure to quell any sweet tooth!
  • F.Y.I.: For Sunday brunch, if you get one of the brunch items, you receive a complimentary drink (freshly squeezed juices, apple champagne, Bloody Mary, mimosa, etc.)
  • People behind Jane: Jane is owned and operated by Jeffrey Lefcourt and Glenn Harris (of Corner Table Restaurants), who also own and operate The Smith.
  • Address: Greenwich Village, 100 W. Houston St. (near Thompson St)
  • Prices: $4-$25 (depends how fancy you want to get…and how hungry you are)

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